Our Story

Matt and I both grew up in small towns in New Hampshire on opposite sides of the state. When we met as adults and became friends we discovered that we both had a passion for post and beam construction. One Saturday night at our house, with our wives safely out of earshot, we came up with a plan to build a post and beam tool shed in my back yard. We only had one problem, neither of us had the skills or experience to pull off such a project. In fact, neither of us had much carpentry experience at all. Determined to accomplish our goal, we committed to educating ourselves. Being the purist that Matt is, he bought a book on the history of Timber Framing in America. Being the frugal Yankee that I am, I bought a book on all kinds of inexpensive back yard projects. We read our own books, then switched and read the other’s. We bought plans of post and beam sheds and studied websites of quality shed manufacturers. We then went and visited the craftsman that built my house. He had 30 years of experience building homes using his own method of what he calls ‘hybrid’ post and beam construction. Now armed (and slightly dangerous) with our new knowledge we started to build. Together we had just enough tools to make it work. When we finished we were satisfied with the quality, but felt that the design needed work. We went back to the drawing board and created a new design of a greenhouse. After several more projects we are happy with our product. We have what we consider to be a very high quality, practical, garden shed that will not only last for years but is aesthetically pleasing. It can also act as a storage shed for garden or other household tools. In addition, if you invest in our manual you will save literally thousands of dollars from the kits that some companies sell. You will have the satisfaction of building it yourself using recycled materials when available to save money and the world’s resources. If you are able to recruit a friend to help, it is all that much better. Good luck with your adventure.

Mike and Matt
Post and Green Building Company