Frequently Asked Questions

Q What skill level is required?
A Only basic carpentry skills are needed. You must be able to comfortably and safely use a hammer and skill saw.

Q What is the cost of the materials?
A If you buy everything retail the cost will run around $800. However, in the manual, it also includes tips on where to find quality recycled materials to help drive the cost down. The materials for the shed we built for this manual cost us $600.

Q How many people are needed?
A Most of the work can be done by one person. There are a couple of steps that require another person to hold the beams in place as you set up the frame.

Q Is this authentic Timber Framing?
A No. Timber Framing is the original method of joining the posts and beams with precise notches and wooden pegs. It requires years of practice and specialized tools. The method we use in this manual does include notches. However, they are very simple to do and can be done with a standard skill saw. We teach you how in the video included. We also use nails to join the notches, but the nails are hidden from view giving it a very clean look.

Q How heavy are the beams to lift?
A We use a rough cut 4 inch by 4 inch beam. A 10 foot long beam weighs about 30-35 pounds.

Q How many hours does it take to build?
A For the first time, we would count on about 30 hours if working mostly alone.

Q What type of work area is needed to build the shed?
A All that is needed is a work bench. We used a portable one made with two sawhorses and a couple of old planks that were lying around. We set up the work bench in the garage on rainy days, and outside when the weather was nice.

Q Do you provide technical help?
A No. The purpose of the manual is to eliminate that need.

Q Do the windows open?
A No. They are fixed plexi glass windows. There is a small ventilation door to keep it from overheating.

Q What is the floor?
A The shed does not have a floor. We put a tarp on the ground and then crushed rock. The shed sits on the crushed rock to allow water to drain into the ground.

Q Is the devastatingly handsome one with the overalls married?
A Yes. A lovely lass from Vermont has captured his heart.

Q What format(s) does the manual come in?
A It is a PDF.