This Do-it-yourself manual(in PDF form)is a complete instruction guide to show you how to build a post and beam garden shed in your own back yard. Many companies are charging as much as $3,500 for an unassembled kit shipped to your home. This instruction manual gives a complete materials list and step by step instructions to build it yourself with only very basic tools. The cost of the materials is a fraction of the cost of buying a complete garden shed, or, even a kit. It includes videos to teach you how to do things like making the notches, laying out a rafter, and cutting the 4 inch beams with only a standard skill saw. It also includes tips on how to locate used or recycled materials for additional savings.

Note: The manual is in PDF form.


- 6' x 8' footprint

- crushed stone base

- pressure treated sills sitting on the crsuhed stone base (no wooden floor)

- 2" x 4" and 4" x 4" rough cut framing

- 1" x 12" rough cut boards for siding

- corregated plastic sheets for roofing

- plexiglass sheets for windows - fixed (they do not open)

- folding shelves

- single wooden door

- stained interior frame, unfinished exterior

- small ventilation door at peak

It is a very versatile post and beam structure. It can be used for any of the following:


-garden shed

-tool shed

-storage shed

-chicken coop

-farm stand

-pool house

As we move toward a more sustainable way of living, this shed supports that effort. Many recycled materials can be used to build it. Many people are now growing their own vegetables and making 'farm to table' meals. In addition, it looks nice enough to have either in your backyard next to your pool, or barbecue, or in your front yard as a show piece. Build a rock wall around it or next to it to add to the charm. Germinate your plants in the spring, then fold down the shelves and use it for storage during the winter months. It will also add to the value of your home.